DTrackTime is a simple and useful application that help you monitor your activities, tasks, meetings, calls, etc

In this first version it has only basic functionalities : Start – Stop, Pause – Resume, Add/Edit Clients, Add/Edit Projects, List all history, Export to CSV.

First steps :

  1. Add a client , only name required for the moment.
  2. Add a project for the client.
  3. Enter task/activity name
  4. Start recording time
  5. When go to lunch, or you want to pause the recording, simply click Pause, and then when you are back to work, click Resume.

Features that I want to add in the next version :

  1. Some reports, tables and/or graphical
  2. Automatically record phone calls and link them with client based on contact list
  3. Record routes and time for travel and meetings

Let me know if you want others features, via Contact page or Comments in this post


Some screenshots :

  1. Front panel : select client, select project, enter task name, Start – Stop button, Pause – Resume button, Real time update work and price
  2. Edit clients : Add new client name, list all clients, edit or delete them
  3. Edit projects : Select a client for new project,  Add new project name, Add hour rate for project, List all projects for current client, Edit or delete them
  4. Export to CSV : Export data for selected client to a file saved on SD card. The file is in csv format.