On Froyo ( Android 2.2 ) the user have the option to move / install applications to sd card. This is good due to lack of space on phone memory.

To enable this option at application level the developer should do some simple modifications.

  1. Open manifest file ( AndroidManifest.xml ).
  2. Add android:installLocation=”auto” as attributes to your root manifest element. Here you have 3 options :
    • internalOnly: Install the application on internal storage only. This will result in storage errors if the device runs low on internal storage.
    • preferExternal: The android system tries to install the application on external storage. If that is full, the application is installed on internal storage.
    • auto: Let the Android system decide the best install location for the application. The default system policy is to install the application on internal storage first. If the system is running low on storage, the application is then installed on external storage.
  3. Change Project Build Target to Android 2.2
  4. Keep android:minSdkVersion as low as you want. This new option will be available only on devices running Froyo (2.2)

References : http://android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/07/apps-on-sd-card-details.html